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Rents of Full home in Playa, Havana

RENTAS POR LARGO TIEMPO - Rents of Full home in Miramar - 1 Room

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Rents of Full home in RENTAS POR LARGO TIEMPO
1 Property pictures

Si you travels to Cuba to reside by several months or years, by reasons of work, study u others reasons, have in the Havana of a variety of houses and apartments completely independent, that can offer you for rent by long tiempo.
Todas them homes that offer are legally registered and authorized for that type of income. Always contract is signed between lessor and client written by the time win acuerden.
Al start of income, shall be paid to the lessor the amount equivalent to one month rent as deposit which is returned to customer at the end of the contract and the monthly payments are always made by adelantado.
Como rule, dwellings that are offered are furnished and equipped , lists for live, in cases point of requests of income without furnish, is arrives to agreement between them partes.
Para apartments of comfort standard (room heated, water cold and hot), the prices of the income range as rule between 400 and 650 cuc monthly in them cases of apartments of 1 room; for 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms, the price fluctuates between 850 and 1000 cuc mensuales.
Casas and 2 bedroom apartments, with a comfort above the average, with good location and other requirements standard, prices are agreed promptly between the lessor and the cliente.
Los the rental rates do not include costs of electricity , or phone, which run to the customer, according to invoices of consumo.
No all houses and apartments that I have, are published on this website. Write to my email francescarrie56@gmail.com and make your request, will be a pleasure search you the option that meets their expectativas.
Sra. French Carrie

Published:9 months and 27 days

LP Location of property

    1. ΞNear recreative centers
    2. ΞNear the bus station
    3. ΞNear the commercial networks
    4. ΞNear turistic interest places
    5. ΞPanoramic views

CD Contact data

3.33 / 5

Ad Quality

LF Features of the rent

    1. ΞAir conditioning
    2. ΞGarage or parking
    3. ΞHot and cold water
    4. ΞIndependent entrance
    5. ΞLarge rooms
    6. ΞPrivacy
    7. ΞPrivate bathrooms
    8. ΞRefrigerator or fridge
    9. ΞTerrace
    10. ΞTV Set
    11. ΞVentilated rooms
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