Detras de la Fachada

What is Detras de la Fachada

How and in what year does it emerge Detras de la Fachada?

In 1992, the government of Cuba decriminalized the purchase and sale of property by private individuals and the real estate activity was quickly born on the island. At that time, there was no platform to help Cubans publish and promote their sales.

What is it and what does it want to be Detras de la Fachada?

1. We are a 100% Internet project.

2. Our services are 100% free.

3. We want to cover, in the most effective way, the needs of people who have decided to look for a home to buy.

4. We want to provide the owner with a website where he can advertise his house in a simple way and be contacted by people interested in buying it.

5. We want, in short, to be the meeting point between the owner and his potential buyer.

What is not Detras de la Fachada?

1. We are not a real estate agent.

2. We have no physical presence anywhere on the island.

3. We do not own any of the properties we advertise.

What do we believe?

1. We believe in making a useful service for the user, both for the owner and for the possible buyer.

2. We believe in making a simple site that is easy to use.

Please, help us improve

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