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Questions and answers about buying and selling houses in Cuba

Online Consulting Service

Detras de la Fachada offers free online counseling service allowing you to send your questions about homes buying and selling in Cuba..

We have specialists in the field that will give the legal response that you need.

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List of 26 questions


Hello my name is Anna and I'm selling my house, but I have doubts of the documents that I have to make the sale

Ana Gonzales
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What regulations exist in Cuba to sell land?. My family has 2 sites that want to sell and that is done within a legal framework, and how you can publish your selling proposition.

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according to the new law of the house, you can sell houses to foreigners?

Niurka Fernandez Montesino
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Good morning, I am PRE Cuban citizen and currently living in Italy, wanted to buy a property in Cuba, it is possible for my current status? How time it takes to buy a property after finding the one I like, ie procedures are fast?

Raquel Almaguer
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Any chance close in which a Cuban resident alien or immigrant visa can buy a property or home in Cuba?

Omar De La Torre Martinez
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My name is Carlos Garcia and I want to know if there is a possibility that the state will sell land for making a home and if possible what would be the procedure to follow. Should eventually legalize the purchase and sale of private land as stipulated people will know about it.

Carlos Garcia Morales
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In the new decree law 288 housing in regard to the purchase and sale of properties mentioned only to natural persons residing in Cuba and foreign residents in Cuba and final departure, but not mentioned Cubans who have residence permits abroad who wish to sell or buy a home in Cuba. pending clarification, greetings.

Noelia Minobis Nunez
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Hello I am a citizen with PRE Cuba and Cuba I have a house in which I am selling, my question is, what kind of power I have to make for my family in Cuba can sell it without me to travel at this time.

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What the cashier's check

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I am interested in buying a home in Cuba but I have doubts about the legality of the process, especially in the long term. You talk of title to sell a house, but in Cuba there is no private property, how marketers have earned that title? What guarantees are offered against claims of former owners?

Furthermore, many of these properties were expropriated in 1959 to foreigners, especially Americans and Spanish. What if in a few years returned to whom such property was expropriated? This could happen if a future Cuba regresase to a market economy.

Jose Garci
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