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Apartment For sale in Vedado Malecón Plaza de la Revolución, Havana

Apartment in Vedado Malecón, calle 16 no 112 entre 11 y 13

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Apartment For sale, Plaza de la Revolución
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I sell in 85 000 you can negotiate the price. SUITABLE ON GROUND FLOOR. For sale or permuto apartment of 70 square meters, ground floor, in excellent constructive state (capitalist construction of the year 1958). The apartment is located on Calle 16 between 11 and 13, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución Municipality, Havana. This apt is located in a building with only 5 floors and a total of 20 apartments. It has three stairs, all with their glass doors and closed for security. IT HAS LARGE WINDOWS THROUGHOUT THE HOUSE; IT DOES NOT HAVE A BALCONY; NOR TERRACE. Neighbors who live since the building was built. It is built of brick walls and covered with reinforced concrete, structures walls of loads, it is a plate !!! (No beam and no slab). Low point. It consists of living room, dining room, kitchen, interior corridor, three rooms with closet of two doors each, two bathrooms and small small patio, patinejo building. The electrical fluid is 110 volt and 220 volt, street gas was installed. The water does not lack, because the building has an immense cistern and an immense tank and the water enters every day with plenty of abundance. Very quiet area and many services, Wifi Park in the corner.Policlinico one block, market and agriculture next to the building. Papers in order, ready to process. No intermediary. I do not put pictures, I like that the interested one sees the property so that false illusions are not made. Do not hesitate to ring the phones: Fixed: +53 78300490 Mobile: +53 53717411 Mayte

Published:15 days and 16 hours

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    1. ΞDirect cooking gas conection
    2. ΞGarage
    3. ΞYard
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  3. Havana
  4. Plaza de la Revolución
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