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Rents of Full home in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus

Hostal Emanuel - Rents of Full home in Centro - 1 Room

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Rents of Full home in Hostal Emanuel
10 Property pictures

Published:1 month and 26 days

LP Location of property

    1. ΞNear recreative centers
    2. ΞNear turistic interest places

CD Contact data

5.00 / 5

Ad Quality

LF Features of the rent

    1. ΞAir conditioning
    2. ΞGastronomic services
    3. ΞHot and cold water
    4. ΞIndependent entrance
    5. ΞLarge rooms
    6. ΞPrivacy
    7. ΞPrivate bathrooms
    8. ΞRefrigerator or fridge
    9. ΞSecurity guaranteed
    10. ΞTV Set
    11. ΞVentilated rooms
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