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Penthouse For sale in Catedral Habana Vieja, Havana

Penthouse in Catedral, empedrado 462 / aguacate y villegas

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Condo for sale in hull horizontal historico
Propiedad in old havana, 2nd floor and last, two quarters (3.5 x 4), in very good condition, only 3 apartments in the building, perfect for business lease, with living room, kitchen, 3 own balconies facing the street, patio interior, free roof, water tank and engine, nobody at the front , one block from the national fine arts museum, bacardi building, located in the cobbled street (near the of the bodeguita del medio). Electricity 110 and 220 v, queremos calle.
No gas intermediaries, the papers are at regla
El price is negociable
Muchas gracias
Comuniquese with karina by the 78630644 after 6:00 pm or x email: kachyrp74@yahoo.es

Published:9 months and 21 days

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3.61 / 5

Ad Quality

LF Listing features

    1. ΞBalcony
    2. ΞDirect cooking gas conection
    3. ΞFree roof
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  3. Havana
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