Rents of Rooms in Cienfuegos

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Ad Quality
4.44 / 5

Features of the rent

Type of property:
Semi-detached house
Building style:
50 year
Purpose of rental:
Rents of Rooms
Regulation papers:
Modality type:
Opening hours
Price for:
Low season price - High season price:
25 - 35 CUC
Maximum capacity:
8 persons

Property description

Ref: 99 812
9 year and 6 months

An excellent place in the tourist and residential area of Punta Gorda in the city of Cienfuegos (the Pearl of the South) Cuba,

Renta, comfortable rooms, safe, private and with separate entrance air-conditioned, private bathrooms with hot and cold water, pantry with fully stocked bar saloon, kitchen, refrigerator and other amenities for the most excellent requirements.

Desayunos, snacks, lunches and Cenas
Se gives you the service of breakfast to your taste nourished juices and tropical fruits, also the House offers the service of national and international meals, lunches and snacks with private in your room 24 hours service. an exquisite and refreshing Mojito, Cuba Libre

Disfrute or any other whim of national or international cocktails.Beer and ever-present Cuban rums.

La home provides laundry service (washing and ironing) of any type of clothing.

Parqueo private with competent staff which ensures your peace of mind.

Comfort rental

  1. ΞAir conditioning
  2. ΞBalcony
  3. ΞGarage or parking
  4. ΞGastronomic services
  5. ΞHot and cold water
  6. ΞIndependent entrance
  7. ΞLarge rooms
  8. ΞPrivacy
  9. ΞPrivate bathrooms
  10. ΞRefrigerator or fridge
  11. ΞSecurity guaranteed
  12. ΞSwimming pool
  13. ΞTerrace
  14. ΞTV Set
  15. ΞVentilated rooms

Home’s surroundings

  1. ΞNear recreative centers
  2. ΞNear the commercial networks
  3. ΞNear turistic interest places
  4. ΞPanoramic views
  5. ΞSea views

Contact data

Full name:
Nelly o Armando
+53 43 516107
Contact hours:

Reservation request

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Location of property

Calle: 37 #605 e/ 6 y 8 Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos
CU - Cuba
Home location:
Turistic area

Property pictures

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One of the bathrooms
One of the bathrooms
1 / 7
Front view of House
Front view of House
2 / 7
Sea view terrace
Sea view terrace
3 / 7
Sea view terrace
Sea view terrace
4 / 7
Panoramic view
Panoramic view
5 / 7
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