I am interested in buying a home in Cuba but I have doubts about the legality of the process, especially in the long term. You talk of title to sell a house, but in Cuba there is no private property, how marketers have earned that title? What guarantees are offered against claims of former owners?

Furthermore, many of these properties were expropriated in 1959 to foreigners, especially Americans and Spanish. What if in a few years returned to whom such property was expropriated? This could happen if a future Cuba regresase to a market economy.

Jose Garci

Honestly Cuba no guarantees against claims of former owners simply because the sole owner of land and buildings is the Cuban government, because if the concern is that the American owners claim their properties do not proceed because all the land, property and real estate belonging to these people were seized and confiscated by the Laws of Naturalization issued by the Government to the Triumph of the Revolution from 1959 and past all the Socialist state Property, and he delivered after individuals and state enterprises to the use and enjoyment of property confiscated without the former owners are entitled to reclaim their property even if Cuba returns to a market economy.