priced at 35,000, which is realistic in the amount of dollars that I have to pay fees and tax documents and change cuc.trámites.

Adriana Fernandez

First to testify in a notarial deed between Cuban legal price of a home in a deed of sale must be in local currency and never less than the home appraisal made ​​by the Architect of the community and on the basis that the legal value tax payable to the bank is a four (4) percent for each part, ie, for the seller, by the profit on money you earn and the buyer acquires the property, as set out in the Sixth Resolved Resolution No. 351/2011 dated October 31, 2011.

But the service of the public notary to legalize legal business is thirty-five dollars currency stamps plus two five dollars each and then the registration in the Land Registry the first time if no charge is made, if is a second inscription costs 6.11 pesos national currency plus a stamp of ten dollars currency and if it is a second inscription costs twelve pesos national currency but the stamp mentioned, these fees are set only for Cubans.

In the case of Cubans with PRE, if they have Cuban identity card, this lets you complete the formalities of legalization, ie obtaining the notarial act that legalizes the transaction and property title, notarized currency national but the rest of the steps to carry out will be charged in CUC, of not possessing legal acts should be legalized in the International Consulting in CUC with a collection of all the paperwork.